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Polaris has been an expert in the field of lipochemistry or the chemistry of lipids for over 20 years now. Polaris’s expertise and passion in this area has made it a renowned specialist in the field, particularly in processing polyunsaturated fatty acids via eco-friendly synthesis processes.

Polaris’s specialist approach to lipochemistry results in expertise in:

  • Enzymatic synthesis and synthesis of active ingredients
  • Lipochemistery enzimatic forms
  • Processing and adding value to lipids : special polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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Polaris is the first worldwide expert in functional lipids. The company specializes in the production, development and formulation of polyunsaturated fatty acids and in particular Omega-3.Its teams have developed and marketed several innovations aimed to improve the quality, stability and formulation of oils with high nutritional value rich in Omega-3.

Polaris has developed a patent on the natural enrichment of fish oils rich in EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as an exclusive technique called “Qualitysilver®” which stabilizes polyunsaturated oils, whether they are of marine or plant based origin. In order to guarantee very high quality oils, Polaris has also set up a panel of testers to ensure that the range of oils has incomparable organoleptic qualities.

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Sustainable commitment

The OMS recommends that everyone, from infants to the elderly, should consume 250 mg of Omega-3 per day to have a healthy life. This is why Polaris has been committed for years to preserving the marine environment by using and enhancing the value of fishery by-products (fish heads). Polaris is now directing the heart of its CER strategy towards sustainability by developing its production of microalgae oil naturally rich in Omega-3, a vegan and renewable resource.

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Expert in Omega-3s for more than 25 years, Polaris is today the leader in concentrated EPA/DHA fatty acids and a key player in greentech in France.

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