We have created the Sensory® concept in order to guarantee the exceptional organoleptic quality of Elantria® oils for an optimal incorporation of Omega 3 without any off-notes in your finished products.

One of the reasons for not consuming Omega-3 supplements is the fishy taste. We decided to focus our work on organoleptic properties to allow consumers to enjoy Omega-3s without the bad fishy taste or smell.

The “Sensory®” concept guarantees that Elantria® oils have unique organoleptic properties that have no impact of taste and smell on the finished product.

“Sensory” allows you to formulate innovative functional ingredients such as Elantria® algae oils in your products.

Polaris guarantees the performance of Elantria® oils thanks to its global industrial approach and the measurement of organoleptic performance via external and internal expert panels and technical advice.


“We know that fish notes in a finished product is one of the reasons why consumers do not consume Omega 3.”

We have therefore developed the “Sensory®” concept, which guarantees an irreproachable organoleptic quality to Elantria® oils. The Sensory® range allows you to develop your products without the usual marine notes.

This label is the result of intensive work to optimise the deodorization techniques and oxidation stabilization techniques. To measure the performance of this concept, we have formed two sensory analysis panels, external and internal, empowered to establish complete sensory profiles according to precise descriptors. All the products in the Sensory® range, oils and powders, are subject to sensory characterization to ensure the best organoleptic results.

Stéphanie LENNON (Product Development Manager)